Faculty and staff interested in attending MD PEC meetings, should contact the Committee Secretary Faye Orser, (orserf@KGH.KARI.NET)) for information relating to agenda items and meeting schedules.

Lakeridge Comprehensive Clerkship

Plans to develop a comprehensive clerkship at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa are continuing with the search for a Site Lead.  Once the Lead has been hired, options for curriculum at this site will be discussed in detail.  Different clerkship models are being considered for Lakeridge with the intention to allow students to complete their entire clerkship at this satellite location.

Research Review Process

UGME students are constantly asked to participate in research studies that are not directly associated with the Queen’s program.  A new process is being developed to formalize the request/approval of student participation.  It is anticipated that this formalized process will reduce the potential pressure on students from study organizer.   Requests will be reviewed initially by the Educational Development team to ensure all internal requirements are met (i.e. ethics approval, consent forms) before being forwarded for final approval to Dr. Sanfilippo.  Requests that demonstrate a potential for conflict with curricular demands/content will be forwarded to the Curriculum Committee for consideration.  The Aesculapian Society (AS) will then distribute approved study requests to the student body.  Formalized procedures and guidelines are currently being developed and will be posted on the UGME website when finalized.

Student Funding Policy (Conference presentations)

The Faculty Office has finalized its policy on the funding of students who are presenting original work at a conference.  Up to $60,000 will be available annually.  Medical students will now be eligible for up to $1000 over their 4 years in the medical program.  In order to be eligible for this funding, financial support from the research supervisor will be expected.  Details regarding the policy are available here.

Revised Student Assessment Committee Terms of Reference

The Committee approved revised terms of reference for the Student Assessment Committee.  These revised terms may be viewed through:  http://meds.queensu.ca/education/undergraduate/committees

Revisions to the Student Attendance and Absence Policy

The Committee approved minor revisions to the Student Attendance and Absence Policy.  The updated policy can be viewed through:  http://meds.queensu.ca/assets/policies/SA-07%20v3%20-%20Attendance%20and%20Absences%20in%20UGME%20Policy%20-%20August%202016.pdf .  The associated Request for Time Off process is currently being reviewed and will be communicated to students when finalized.


All Undergraduate Medical Education policies and terms of reference are available on the UGME website:  http://meds.queensu.ca/undergraduate