Faculty and staff interested in attending MD PEC meetings, should contact the Committee Secretary (Faye Orser, (orserf@KGH.KARI.NET)) for information relating to agenda items and meeting schedules.

School of Medicine Building – Flood Repairs

Dr. Sanfilippo was happy to announce that the repairs to the building are wrapping up and classes will resume in the lower lecture theatre as of January 4.  He would like to extend his appreciation to everyone for their patience and efforts to make this term successful despite the space challenges.  Thanks also to Kevin McKegney for his continuing efforts to ensure repairs progressed as expeditiously as possible.


Dr. MacDonald reported that the Admissions Committee are looking at several areas which may impact the admission process in future years.  MD PEC was asked for input on topics such as the School’s diversity statement and policy, pipeline programs and whether the School defines itself has having a National or Regional perspective. These issues will be considered in upcoming meetings of MD PEC.

Transfer Student Policy

The Committee approved a newly developed policy relating to MD students from other education institutions requesting transfer into the Queen’s MD program.  This new policy formalizes existing practices and is not intended to alter or change the School’s current approach.

Audio and/or Video Recording of learning events in the UGME Policy

The Committee approved a newly developed policy allowing video recording of UGME lectures.   A pilot project is being established to test the effectiveness and viability of the capturing of lectures for student viewing.

All Undergraduate Medical Education policies and terms of reference are available on the UGME website:  http://meds.queensu.ca/undergraduate