A letter has been sent to all of us from the Provost’s Office about copyright.  In essence it states:

  1.  Queen’s has decided along with many other universities not to sign a license with Access Copyright.
  2. All course materials must comply with Copyright Act and other university policies/guidelines. Do NOT post scanned copyrighted material to MEdTech (or Moodle) or on a course website without obtaining clearance from the Copyright Advisory Office.
  3. The Copyright Advisory Office’s service will facilitate copyright compliance for course materials.  This involves investigation and purchase of copyright clearance for chapters from a book or other print source.
  4. Course Packs and Library course reserves are other options for you.
  5. The Copyright Advisory Office can help you select specific options for your courses.
  6. A new system for this academic year will assist you in uploading materials and assuring materials comply with both accessibility and copyright materials.  More details will follow in the fall.
  7. Please contact the Copyright Advisory Office, using their website:  which has FAQs etc.  Or contact Copyright Specialist Mark Swartz at (613) 533-6000 ext 78510 Email: mark.swartz@queensu.ca
  8. For the complete letter from the Provost’s Office click here.