Faculty and staff interested in attending Curriculum Committee meetings should contact the Committee Secretary, Candace Miller, at candace.miller@queensu.ca for information relating to agenda items and meeting schedules.


Highlights from October 23, 2014:

The Curriculum Committee has now approved the following:

  • Policies/Procedures:
    • Visiting Medical Electives Policy (updated)
    • Observership Policy and Procedures (updated)


Highlights from November 27, 2014:

The Curriculum Committee has now approved all of the following:

  • Terms of Reference:
    • Course and Faculty Review Committee (updated)
  • Policies/Procedures:
    • Curricular Hours Policy (updated)
    • Examinations Regulations Policy SA-02 (updated)
    • Clinical and Educational Activity in Clerkship Policy (updated)


All Undergraduate Medical Education policies and terms of reference are available on the UGME website:  http://meds.queensu.ca/undergraduate.

Next Meeting:  December 18, 2014