Faculty and staff interested in attending MD PEC meetings, should contact the Committee Secretary (Faye Orser, (orserf@KGH.KARI.NET)) for information relating to agenda items and meeting schedules.


MD PEC and, when applicable, the School of Medicine Academic Council (SOMAC) has now approved all of the following:

  • Terms of Reference
    • Academic Affairs Committee (new)
    • Progress and Promotion Committee (updated)
    • Professionalism Advisory Committee (updated)
    • Student Assessment Committee (updated)
    • Teaching, Learning and Innovations Committee (updated)
    • Program Evaluation Committee (new)
    • Diversity Panel (new)
  • Policies/Procedures:
    • Student Progress and Promotion Policy (updated)
    • Policy on Academic Accommodations (new)
    • Student Professionalism Policy (updated)
    • Student Assessment Policy (updated)
    • Access to Student Records and Privacy Procedure (new)
    • Conflict of Interest Procedural Statement
  • Diversity and Equity Statement (new)


All Undergraduate Medical Education policies and terms of reference are available on the UGME website:  http://meds.queensu.ca/undergraduate

The Committee will be hosting an annual retreat November 3 at 5:30 pm to receive and hear annual reports of all of its sub-committees.  Anyone wishing to attend should contact Faye Oser (orserf@KGH.KARI.NET).



Next Meeting:  November 19, 2014