Faculty and staff interested in attending MD PEC meetings, should contact the Committee Secretary (Faye Orser, (orserf@KGH.KARI.NET)) for information relating to agenda items and meeting schedules.

Over the course of the next several meeting the Committee will be vetting and approving several policies and terms of reference.  The Committee has now reviewed and approved:

  • Terms of Reference for Academic Affairs Committee (new)
  • Terms of Reference for Progress and Promotion Committee (updated)
  • Terms of Reference for Professionalism Advisory Committee (updated)
  • Terms of Reference for Student Assessment Committee (updated)
  • Diversity and Equity Statement (new)
  • Student Progress and Promotion Policy (updated)
  • Policy on Academic Accommodations (new)
  • Student Professionalism Policy (updated)
  • Student Assessment Policy (updated)


Final approval of all documents will be requested at the upcoming SOMAC meeting.  All Undergraduate Medical Education policies and terms of reference are available on the UGME website:  http://meds.queensu.ca/undergraduate


Next Meeting:  October 15, 2014