MD PEC Participation:

In recognition of the importance of input from our faculty and staff in the governance of the MD program, MD PEC would like to encourage faculty and staff to attend its meetings. Guests to these meeting will be non-voting “Gallery members” and may be asked to leave during particular discussions, if deemed necessary by the Chair. Interested participants should contact the Committee Secretary (Faye Orser, (orserf@KGH.KARI.NET)) for information relating to agenda items and meeting schedules.

Process for Subcommittee Reporting:

As part of the reporting requirements of the various UGME committees, each will be requested to submit an annual report to MD PEC. These reports should provide a summary of each committee’s activities from the previous year as well as plans for the upcoming year. A retreat for members of MD PEC will be scheduled in September, annually, to review these progress reports.

Accreditation Update:

The students have now completed an independent report on the program for inclusion in the accreditation report. Results of this report will be discussed at a future MD PEC meeting dedicated to reviewing areas of concerns.

Conflict of Interest Procedures:

Staff have been looking into ways to implement an annual conflict disclosure for faculty. Discussions are underway with the Education Technology unit to investigate the possibilities of including a statement in MedTech.

Travel Safety Guidelines for Students:

Dr. Sanfilippo presented a draft document entitled “Student Vehicle Travel Safety Guidelines” developed by COFM. This document relates to concerns about student safety while traveling on curricular “business”. A “go to” document will be compiled listing current processes for Queen’s Medical students in the event travel conditions are considered unsafe.   Once completed, this document and the draft guidelines will be posted on the UGME website as information for the students.

Diversity and Equity Initiatives

The Committee discussed the need to develop a Diversity Advisory Panel to promote and advance diversity initiatives. This panel will advise MD PEC on the administration of a Diversity Fund being established to encourage and develop Diversity initiatives and projects. Membership on this panel will include representatives from the school’s teaching faculty, students, education leaders and staff. Terms of reference for this new committee were reviewed and accepted.

Student Academic Affairs Committee

The Committee reviewed and accepted a proposal to develop a Student Academic Affairs Committee. This new Committee would operate as a subcommittee of MD PEC to recommend policy and practice on matters related to the academic experience of students in the MD Program and the QuARMS Program.   This would include recommendations on policy and practice related to student progress and promotion, professionalism, communicable diseases and immunization, student registration, leave of absence and reintegration, student awards, content of transcripts, medical student performance records, academic accommodation, complaints and ethical conduct and the content and management of student records.   It would refer and receive recommendations for policy and practice in these areas from the Professionalism Advisory Committee, Student Awards Committee, QuARMS Committee, and Communicable Diseases and Immunization Committee.




Next Meeting: August 27, 2014