Learner Wellness Update:

Plans are continuing to secure an additional student counselor who would work at arms-length from the School of Medicine to act as both a Student Counselor and Ombudsman.   A description of the position is being developed with the intention of filling the posting for the upcoming academic cycle.

Dr. Fitzpatrick, Director of Learner Wellness, continues to review and improve both the Learner Wellness and Career Counselling services.

Conflict of Interest Procedures:

The Committee reviewed and approved the implementation of the finalized conflict of interest procedures. These procedures are being developed in advance of the Faculty policy on Conflict of Interest.   Staff will develop plans for the operationalization of the procedures and present at a future meeting.


The offer process for admissions to the program is well underway. The Committee reviewed the existing deferral policy and requested that the Admissions Committee look at revising it to reflect current Admission practices.

OSCE Team Terms of Reference:

An OSCE Team has been established in order to facilitate the development and running of OSCEs within both the UGME and PGME programs. The team works as an advisory body to both the PGME office and the UGME Student Assessment Committee. Terms of reference for this group was presented to the committee and approved.   The OSCE team continues efforts establish a working panel of faculty whose role will be to develop OSCE stations as well as support the established OSCE within both programs.

Policy: Use, Revision and Dissemination of the Queen’s UGME Competency Framework (Policy #CC-11)

This policy captures what has been happening in the Curriculum Committee for the past 5 years with the major curriculum document, but has never been formalized nor systematized.

“Since the Queen’s Undergraduate Medical Education Competency Framework is the foundation on which the School of Medicine’s curriculum is based, it is essential that its use, revision and dissemination be regulated systematically through a policy and through procedures arising from the policy.”

The implementation of this policy will have medium impact to faculty, students and staff requiring limited changes to processes, forms and/or conduct.
The Committee approved the policy and it is now posted on the UGME website for review: http://meds.queensu.ca/education/undergraduate/policies


Next Meeting: June 18, 2014