Convocation for MEDS 2014

The class of 2014 is now preparing for their MCC Part 1 exams which will take place in about 3 weeks.   Convocation for these students will take place on May 22 at 2:30 pm in Grant Hall.  Similar to ceremonies over the last few years, our students will be the sole participants in the event, therefore Faculty are encouraged to participate in the ceremony.  Information on how to make arrangements can be obtained at


The 2nd iteration of the CARMS match was completed this week.  As a result, CARMS hosted a teleconference with the UGME Deans announcing that 55 graduates would remain unmatched this cycle.  This is the largest number of unmatched students to date.  Therefore, there is the possibility that this will be an escalating problem in upcoming years, and further discussions are underway at both the provincial and national levels.  As discussed in previous meetings, the Learner Wellness team will work closely with our students providing them with continued support and counseling regarding their career possibilities.


The QuARMS application assessment process has now been completed and offers are waiting to go out to the top 10 candidates.  The Admissions team continues to work on the application results for the MD program.  Offers will go out in mid-May.


The Awards Committee is preparing to review the Terms of Reference of several of our awards.  As our curriculum is now competency based with a Pass/Fail status, many of the terms of the awards are no longer relevant.  Once finalized these new Terms of Reference will be presented to the Progress and Promotions Committee and MD-PEC for approval.

Learner Wellness Update:

The proposed changes to the Learner Wellness Program which include an Advisory Panel and the addition of an arms-length counselor are now being finalized.  The Advisory Panel would be put in place to develop, review and approve plans for the management or accommodation of student disabilities.   In addition to the panel, plans are underway to secure an additional student counselor who would work at arms-length from the School of Medicine to act as both a Student Counselor and Ombudsman.    Funding arrangements are being discussed and it is hoped that this person will be in place for the beginning of the Fall Term.

Clarification to the Policy on Attendance and Absences in Undergraduate Medical Education (Policy # SA-07):

Under the policy, absences from mandatory teaching sessions must be sanctioned and approved.  It has been the procedure that absences occurring due to short term illnesses would require the student to submit a doctor’s note.  However, as this process put an undue burden on the student at the time of an illness and as these notes are no longer provided by Queen’s Student Health, it has been decided to eliminate this requirement.  Long term illnesses or repeat occurrence may still necessitate a note at the request of the Progress, Promotion and Remediation Committee.

Marks Release:

Progress, Promotion and Remediation Committee in conjunction with the Student Assessment Committee have altered the process for the release of marks.  The new process allows for the release of marks to students after finalization at the Examiner’s Committee level.  Students with performance issues will be notified in advance of the release.  These students will then be notified of the official outcomes and consequences following the Progress, Promotion and Remediation Committee meeting.   This new process was piloted with the release of marks for the Fall Term and was received favourably by the students.

Conflict of Interest Procedures and Access to Student Records Procedures:

The Committee discussed two draft documents outlining procedures for both conflicts of interest and the access to student records.  The conflict of interest process is being developed in advance of the finalization of the Faculty policy on Conflict of Interest.  The process document relating to access to student records is in support the Queen’s University Student and Record Access Policy.  Changes to both of these documents will be made prior to faculty dissemination.




Next Meeting:  May 21, 2014