Admission for the UGME program is becoming increasingly complex.  Not only have applications for the general MD streams increased by 14% over last year, we also now admit students to the MD/PhD and QuARMS programs.

The general admissions process relies heavily on a large number of faculty participants to review application files and to participate in the interview process.  The application and interview process for this year is now complete.  The Admissions team is currently ranking the applicants for offers to be made in mid-May.

The MD/PhD program is now in its 3rd admission cycle.  File review and interviews for this stream occur earlier than the general stream.  However, it is a parallel process to the general stream with the addition of supplemental application reviews and separate interviews conducted by members of the Graduate program.  The process has concluded for this year with the acceptance of offers from our top ranked candidates.

The QuARMS process is now in its second cycle.  The top 40 applications have recently been to our school for interviews and tours.  It is anticipated that offers will be made next month.


Preparation is well underway for the creation of the Institutional Self Study as the Subcommittees being to wrap up their work.  The full accreditation site visit is planned for March 31 to April 2, 2015 with a mock visit scheduled for October 2014.

Subcommittee activity has identified several “Red Flags”.  These include:  diversity, pipeline programs, Residents as Teachers, Learner Wellness and student safety.  Efforts are underway to address these issues prior to the site visit next year.


It was reported that this year’s CaRMS match went extremely well for our students.  Of the 103 students in the match, 102 matched.  Most of these students secured a residency position in either their first or second choice.  17 of our students will be remaining at Queen’s.    These favourable results can be partly attributed to the excellent support and counseling that our students are receiving from the Learner Wellness Centre.

Workforce Summary:

Workforce numbers for the July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 year have now been tabulated.  Results will be distributed to all the department heads shortly.  The HD (half day) allocations remain very close to the numbers reported in the previous period.   Projected requirements for the upcoming academic year are now being prepared.

MCC Results:

MCC reports on LMCE Part I results over the last 3 years are currently being studied by a special task force.  This group has been asked to identify any trends which may result in direct changes in the UGME curriculum.  Results of this study will be report to MD PEC.

Learner Wellness Proposal:

Changes to the Learner Wellness Centre are being proposed.  This proposal includes the creation of an Advisory Panel and the addition of a counselor.  The Advisory Panel would be put in place to develop, review and approve plans for the management or accommodation of student disabilities.   In addition to the panel, plans are underway to secure an additional student counselor who would work at arms-length from the School of Medicine.  This new structure would provide additional avenues for student related wellness issues to be reported as well as help satisfy accreditation standards related student wellness.