AAMC Curricular Inventory – UPDATE:  Data for this initiative was not submitted as it was felt that the submission did not adequately reflect the curriculum.  The problem was a result of the categories available for mapping of our instructional methods to the LCME methods.  Work will continue on this project with the hope that submissions can be made in the future.

Draft Accommodation Policy – The Director of Progress, Promotion and Remediation presented a draft Accommodation Policy for review.  This policy is intended to provide guidance when an applicant or student requests accommodation due to a long term, short term or progressive disability.  Requests for Accommodation will be vetted through an Accommodation Subcommittee which will recommend an accommodation plan to the Progress, Promotion and Remediation Committee.  The Committee made several recommendations for changes.  A revised version of this policy will be posted for faculty review shortly prior to final approval.

Course and Faculty Review Process – The Director of Curricular Review presented a revised process for disseminating reports from the Course and Faculty Review Committee (CFRC).  This process will improve the flow of information and provide increased efficiency to the CFRC reporting process.  Through this revised process, reports indicating problems such as significant resource issues, repeated negative themes or potentially high risk issues will be reported directly to MD PEC for resolution.   Revised terms of reference for the CFRC will be developed to reflect this new reporting structure.

Next Meeting:  April 16, 2014