CaRMS – The CaRMS match was highly successful with only one Queen’s student unmatched.  The students matched to a wide variety of specialties and of note there were only six unmatched positions at Queen’s.

AAMC Curricular Inventory – Work has been undertaken to submit data to the AAMC curricular inventory portal.  The team working on this project has encountered some difficulties in preparing the data for importing into the portal.  However, it is believed that participation in this initiative will benefit future Accreditation reporting.

Diversity – The Committee is reviewing the need for a Diversity policy.  Diversity is one of the many accreditation standards which the School is working towards implementing policies and standards to ensure compliance.   It was determined that a committee will be established, which will include students, to develop a diversity policy.

Communicable Disease & Immunization Policy – An updated Communicable Disease & Immunization Policy was reviewed and approved by the Committee.  The changes in the policy were made to match the immunization form currently being used. The updated policy can be seen on the UGME website at

Service Learning – The topic of service learning was discussed and noted that it is a key accreditation issue.  The Professional Foundations Committee has developed a discussion paper on service learning.  A commitment statement on service learning was presented and approved by the Committee.  It was noted that some service learning opportunities are currently within the curriculum.  It was decided that the Professional Foundations Committee would serve as the overseer and developer of service learning.

Next Meeting:  March 19, 2014