Happy New Year!  Our indispensable Special Curriculum Assistant, Alice Rush-Rhodes has put together 3 items in MEdTech Central that will save you time, and help you in your teaching.

Included are links to more detailed instructions.  If you have any questions please comment below.

This information is excerpted from the MEdTech Features page of the Faculty Resources community found here.  Additional FAQ and information is available on the linked page.

What do I have to complete on a learning event page?

You need to identify what you will be teaching including MCC presentations and curricular objectives.  A guide to completing a learning event page can be accessed on that page.

Learning event 2014-01-06 at 9.40.52 AM

Why do I need to know this?  Every faculty member is responsible for completing their own learning event page.  Most importantly, you can tailor your session to the curricular objectives for the course.   You can ask for help from your curricular coordinator or from Alice or Sheila.

How can I search for learning events on a certain topic or MCC presentation?

You can use the Curriculum Search tool or the Curriculum Explorer tool (both located under the Curriculum tab).  Curriculum Search lets you search by keyword and Curriculum Explorer lets you search by MCC presentation or curricular objective.  A video about using this function can be found here (look for the Curriculum Explorer video towards the bottom of the page).

Why do I need to know this?  If you’re teaching on a specific topic, it’s important to know what has been taught to students prior to your learning event.  It’s also important to see what they are taught later on “downstream” in the curriculum.  The search or explorer features will do that for you.  This way, you can avoid redundancy but plan to revisit some aspects (spiral curriculum) and link to future aspects.  It also gives you a heads up as to who is teaching about this topic, with a view to linking up with these faculty to discuss the thread of the topic.  E.g. Many of the faculty teaching in year 2 refer back to the Family Medicine Course’s approaches, or link to the Clinical Skills exams, etc. that relate to their topics.

Go to the Courses tab here.  All courses currently running (excluding clerkship rotations) will have a small icon beside their names (it looks like a piece of paper).  By clicking on this you can download a pdf of the course syllabus.  Included in this is a breakdown of the course hours by learning event type.

You can also click on “Download Syllabus” under the Course Navigation menu if you are already on a course page.

You can see the little syllabus icon in the image below.

syllabus 2014-01-06 at 9.26.56 AM

Why do I need to know this?  The syllabus is hugely helpful, especially for Course Directors.  It tells all faculty and students what the learning objectives for the course are, what the assessments are, etc.  It also lets you know the percentage of lectures, small group learning, labs, etc. that are present in the course.