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AS Council 2020-2021

Members of the Aesculapian Society (AS) Council for the 2020-2021 academic year are shown below. Click on a member's picture for their contact information and what to contact them for.


  Duva Karunakaran
Equity Officer, Junior
  Mary Foley
Student Representative to the Admissions Committee
  Danny Jomaa
Past President
  Rae Woodhouse
Class Co-President (Fourth Year)
  Iku Nwosu
Class Co-President (Third Year)
  Victoria Lee-Kim
Class Co-President (Third Year)
  Kiera Liblik
Vice President-Finance
  Marielle Balanser
Speaker/Chief Electoral Officer
  Joseph Samuel
Vice President-Internal Affairs
  Pedram Akbari
Vice President-Academic Affairs
  Angela Salomon
Vice President-External Affairs, Senior
  Zahra Haq
Student Initiatives and Research Officer
  Christine Moon
Equity Officer, Senior
  Linda  Archila
Athletics Officer (1)
  Alison Ross
Social Affairs Officer
  Avneesh Bhangu
Wellness Officer
  Jessica Ho
Global Health Liaison, Senior
  William Khoury
University Affairs Officer, Senior
  Jenn Campbell
Class President (Second Year)
  Darwin Jimal
Athletics Officer (2)
  Tony Li
  Ciara Morrison
  Jamal Tarrabain
Vice-President External Affairs, Junior
  Adriyan Hrycyshyn
Academic Coordinator
  Bahar Entezari
Communications Officer
  Aceel Hawa
University Affairs Officer, Junior
  Rebecca Ng
Global Health Liaison, Junior
  Molly Cowls
Class President (First Year)
  Sloane Kowal
Student Interest Group Coordinator
  Josh Gnanasegaram
Class Co-President (Fourth Year)
Dr.  Jenna Healey
Honourary President