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Palliative Care Medicine Program

Palliative Care Medicine Program

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Dr. Deb Dudgeon: CSPCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, 2018

The Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians (CSPCP) is pleased to award a CSPCP Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Deb Dudgeon, in recognition of her sustained and lasting contribution to palliative medicine and to the CSPCP.

Dr. Dudgeon is the W. Ford Connell Professor of Palliative Care Medicine and Professor of Medicine and Oncology at Queen’s University. She has been the Director of the Palliative Care Medicine Program at Queen’s University since 1997, providing clinical care in Kingston General Hospital, St Mary’s of the Lake, outpatient clinics in the Cancer Center of Southeastern Ontario and the community.

Dr. Dudgeon is one of the ‘CSPCP Pioneers’ and was a founding member of the first elected CSPCP Board. She was CSPCP President-Elect in 1997, CPSCP President 1998-2000, and Past-President in 2001. She won the CSPCP Eduardo Bruera Award in Palliative Medicine in 2009.

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Human Dignity: How Physicians Can Promote This Oft Neglected Human Right

A sense of pride in oneself; self-respect OED

"My illness is a routine incident in his rounds while for me it is the crisis of my life. I would feel better if I had a doctor who at least perceived this incongruity?. I just wish he would?give me his whole mind just once, be bonded with me for a brief space, survey my soul as well as my flesh, to get at my illness, for each man is ill in his own way.?

-Anatole Broyard

In Medicine, things occur in threes. If one encounters two patients with a particular disease, a third case will inevitably appear. So a recent Medical Grand Rounds that dealt with the role of the physician in nurturing human dignity, presented by Dr. Ingrid Harle... continue reading →

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