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Summary Recommendations for Residents during the COVID-19 Pandemic
The CBME Resident Subcommittee has developed a series of statements for all Queen's residents reflecting the priorities and… Read More
RDoC Updates on COVID-19 and Exams
Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) continues to update their members on COVID-19 and exams.  Visit their website to view… Read More
Updates for Residents and Clinical Fellows - April 2
View the latest COVID-19 updates for residents and clinical fellows including details on the PGME Office operations,… Read More
Updates for new residents and clinical fellows.
The following newsletter was emailed to all new residents and clinical fellows on March 26.  If you did not receive this… Read More
PGME Office Changes
Please note that due to COVID-19, the PGME Office at 70 Barrie Street is no longer able to offer walk-in, mail, or telephone… Read More