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MD Program Admissions

MD Program Admissions

News & Notices

  • June 27, 2023: Queen’s Medicine Class of 2027 has now been filled and we are no longer presenting offers to candidates remaining on our waitlist. If you wish to reapply for admission in 2024, applications will be available online July 6, 2023, at
  • June 9, 2023: The next application cycle opens on July 6, 2023. An application guide will be available at that time through OMSAS. As we prepare for the next cycle, we will also continue to update our Admissions site.

The School of Medicine offers a four-year program leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Students are selected based on a strong academic record and the assessment of personal characteristics considered to be most appropriate for the study of medicine at Queen's University and the subsequent practice of medicine. The goal of the medical curriculum is to produce physicians who have a wide understanding of the content and context of medicine and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enter any postgraduate training program. The curriculum will foster the development of lifelong learning skills necessary for effective practice.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are priorities for our Admissions Committee and are guiding principles for our process. 

The four-year MD Program at Queen's University is structured in sequential terms which will allow students to progress from scientific foundational knowledge through to clinical foundations of the human systems and finally, in clinical engagement during a two-year clinical rotation series; including electives for students to explore areas of interest. Our medical program is well known for the opportunities it provides; for close personal interaction between students and faculty members; for students to obtain relevant extensive hands-on clinical experience under supervision, particularly in an ambulatory setting. Our MD Program culture encourages participation and offers opportunities for students to engage in the administration development and evaluation of our medical curriculum and our governance structures. Our graduates are highly successful in obtaining postgraduate training sites and are known to be committed and enthusiastic citizens of their profession and their communities.

You can learn more about the program here.

Queen’s University School of Medicine admits up to 145 (Fall 2024 intake) Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada annually to the first year of its medical degree program.

  • 114 seats are located at our Kington Campus.
  • 20 seats are located at the Queen’s-Lakeridge Health site specifically for the Queen’s-Lakeridge Health MD Family Medicine program.
  • Up to an additional 11 supernumerary seats are located at our Kingston Campus for Canadian Forces Members through the Military Medical Training Program (MMTP).

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