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Regional Learner Advocates

Residents who are geographically removed from Kingston for long or continuous rotations may use the services of Regional Learner Advocates (RLAs).  They are available in each community outside of Kingston where there is a satellite residency program, or a dedicated clinical teaching unit with continuous learners.

Regional Learner Advocate Roles

  • Act as the local, identifiable representative for Student Affairs and Resident Affairs for undergraduate and postgraduate learners from Queen’s School of Medicine.
  • Communicate directly with the Offices of Student Affairs or Resident Affairs regarding any learner whenever there are significant concerns of:
  1. Unprofessional behaviour
  2. Academic difficulty
  3. Illness or concerns that may impact on the learner's performance or education

The RLA will take part in both regularly scheduled and ad hoc meetings with the Offices of Student Affairs or Resident Affairs as requested, using teleconferencing wherever possible.            

  • Provide or arrange support for Undergraduate and Postgraduate learners in aspects of their learning experience, including personal health, career, financial and academic matters.
  • Ensure that any support provided will be provided in a discrete and confidential manner. The learner will be encouraged to discuss his/her issues with his/her Program Director.
  • Facilitate referral for learners who seek personal health care and counselling. The RLA will develop linkages and facilitate access to local resources for assessment, support, and treatment wherever possible.
  • Act as a local advocate for learners to mediate:
  1. Conflicts between learners and staff (teaching, hospital)
  2. Concerns of professional behaviour that have been raised by/about learners
Regional Learner Advocates
Lakeridge Health (Oshawa)

Dr. Randy Wax
Regional Learner Advocate
(905) 576-8711 ext 4823

Quinte Health Care (Belleville)

Dr. Lois McDonald
Regional Learner Advocate
(613) 969-7400 ext 2434

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Dr. Bharat Maini
Regional Learner Advocate
(705) 761-5656

Dr. Greg Bishop
Regional Learner Advocate
(705) 772-1218


Teresa Wong

(905) 472-7016


Moose Factory

Currently Vacant


Jennifer Yoon

(416) 242-1000 ext 82125