Room Reservation Services within the School of Medicine Building

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The Medical School building, located at 15 Arch Street, is the home base for Undergraduate Medical Education students and houses their primary classrooms and labs.

Our facility includes:

Principles of Booking Lecture Theatres, Small Group Spaces and Common Areas

The SimLab, Anatomy Labs and Clinical Teaching Centre have separate booking procedures.  Please click on the links provided above for information about booking those spaces.


  1. The primary commitment for room bookings within the School of Medicine building is to support the delivery of Undergraduate Medical Education ensuring that students are taught in the most appropriate learning environment.

  2. The secondary commitment is to support all other Faculty of Health Sciences activities including administrative, student groups and staff/faculty activities.

  3. The final commitment is to support University groups outside the Faculty of Health Science and external clients for a limited range of activities.


Booking Requests


  1. All non-UGME teaching events require completion of the Room Booking Request Form, please check room availability before completing your form. Medical Students please use the form Medical Student Room Booking Form . To view the School of Medicine Building room availability go to SOMB Availability, Username: BOOKINGS SOMB, Password: BOOK. Under no circumstance will bookings be accepted by phone. A change in the date or time of a booking is considered a new booking, the previous booking must be cancelled and another Room Booking Request Form for the new booking must be submitted.

    All UGME teaching and teaching related bookings must be addressed to the UGME Curricular Coordinator assigned to the curricular year for which the event is associated. 

  2. The core teaching day for the Undergraduate Medical Education program is from 8:30 am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. (see for sessional dates).  
    Space in the lecture theatres, atriums and small group rooms will be extremely limited during these times.

  3. All Undergraduate Medical Education academic bookings have priority over all other requests. Other requests will only be considered and confirmed after Undergraduate Medical Education academic bookings have been finalized. 
    Only in exceptional circumstances will teaching bookings not have priority over all other events: events deemed to take precedence over teaching bookings must be approved by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medicine.

  4. There is no guarantee that a preferred room will be available for chosen timeslots.
    Ensure that you have received your Room Booking Confirmation before confirming venues with attendees.

  5. Annual events must be booked and confirmed in writing every year: bookings will not carry over from one year to the next.  

  6. Rooms must be returned to their original configuration ready for the next occupants.
    A fee may be charged back to the person booking the space. If an event has custodial services are required or repairs to the space are need following an event the person booking the space will be charged.

  7. Undergraduate Medical Education Students have unlimited access to small group rooms and they are required to sign in to these rooms using the Room Booking System.
    Students may be asked to vacate a room in the event it has been booked.