Referees/Reference Letters/Confidential Assessment Forms

Candidates are required to have three reference letters with accompanying Confidential Assesment Form submitted with their application.  These letters are considered in the assessment of applications. 

Please consider these points when selecting a referee to submit a letter on your behalf:

  • the prestige or status of a referee is irrelevant and will not be considered as part of the assessment
  • the person will be able to speak highly of your personal qualities and be able to provide examples
  • the person will have time to complete the letter and Confidential Assessment Form and submit them prior to the deadline
  • the length of time the referee has known you
  • not all references need to be academic; academic qualifications are represented in other parts of the application
  • family members should not be used as referees
  • graduate students should include their immediate supervisor as one of the referees

 Information about Dates of Submission

All Confidential Assessment Forms/reference letters are expected to be received by OMSAS by the October deadline. It is each candidate's responsibility to ensure they have selected three appropriate referees to submit a Confidential Assessment Form and provide a letter of reference.   In the event less than 3 letters are submitted by November 1st, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be assessed further. 
Please note: The Admission Committee is unable to review and evaluate reference letters that are not written in english.