Autobiographical Sketch

The Queen's School of Medicine uses the detailed autobiographical sketch as part of the application evaluation.   This submission provides our assessors with a snapshot of a candidate's personal experiences and achievements.  There are 7 categories included:

  • Formal Education
  • Employment
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Awards & Accomplishments
  • Publications & Research
  • Other

General Information

  • The autobiographical sketch is completed through the OMSAS application and then disseminated to the Admissions Committee for review.
  • Please ensure that items selected to include are those most relevant to a medical school application.
  • There is room in the form to provide information relating to 48 items. 
  • Submissions are assessed based on the quality of the listed items and the characteristics they represent (not the number of items listed). 
  • The candidate must list the length of time each activity has taken, location of activity, and a brief description which can be in point form.