In order to qualify for entry into the School of Medicine, candidates are required to have a minimum of 30 half or 15 full course credits at the undergraduate university level as described below. This requirement must be fulfilled by the June 30 prior to possible entry into the program.   Transfer credits appearing on your university transcript will be included in the credit requirement (i.e.  IB, AP, college credits).

Each year we receive applications from candidates who have studied at universities with various credit and grading systems. In order to give each candidate equal consideration, courses are weighted according to their length of study as follows:

Full-year course weight of 1
Half-year course weight of .5
Semester course weight of .5
Three quarter course weight of .75
Quarter course weight of 0.25 (applies only to American Universities)
Science laboratory -
Graded separately and is weighted as less than a half-year/semester course:
weight of 0.25