Resident Affairs

Resident Affairs comprises one element of the Learner Wellness Centre, which supports both undergraduate and postgraduate learners in the School of Medicine. Residents experiencing personal or academic difficulties, or seeking confidential advice, are able to make appointments with the Director, Dr. Melissa Andrew. Particular attention is paid to supporting those residents 
undergoing remediation. All residents may access confidential counseling via the embedded counsellor, Janet Roloson, who is affiliated with Health, Counselling and Disability services (HCDS) at Queen’s.

Beyond direct support to residents, Dr. Andrew provides guidance to individual Program Directors who are faced with situations involving resident distress, behaviour changes, and academic difficulty. She is a resource for the network of Regional Learner Advocates, located in each of the three sites where residency programs in family medicine are based across the region. This network facilitates access to learner supports for residents based outside of Kingston, as well as those completing individual rotations at sites across the region.

Resident Affairs provides input, as required, on all remediation plans that come before the Educational Advisory Board. The Office of Resident Affairs is the primary contact for residents who are enrolled in the Ontario Physician Health Program (PHP). In this way, residents may be assured that confidential health information is maintained at arm’s length from those in direct positions of evaluating their progress. Dr. Andrew also collaborates with individual residents, program directors, the PHP, KGH, and Queen’s HCDS in the development of personalized accommodation plans based on residents’ unique needs and circumstances.

During the 2014-15 academic year, residents from 19 different postgraduate programs accessed support via the Learner Wellness Office.