KGH/HDH Application for Reappointment to the House Staff

You will be prompted through the steps within the on-line registration system to complete the re-appointment requirements.

Your application should be made well in advance of the expected date of appointment as the credentialing process is lengthy. 

Overview of the Reappointment procedure:

*please note, some residents and clinical fellows will not have to complete all of the forms. Only the forms that you have to complete will be available to you once you log into the system. Follow the directions provided by Kingston General Hospital and submit your documents accordingly.

1.  You will complete an Application for Reappointment to the House Staff

For Family Medicine Residents in the Belleville-Quinte, Peterborough-Kawartha, and Bowmanville Oshawa-Lakeridge Programs, please complete the appropriate applications for housestaff privileges at your respective hospitals.

2.  You will complete a Resident Contract Letter.

When all required documentation is received, your name will be included on a listing indicating completion of all hospital registration requirements which will be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer or delegate who shall immediately refer the listing to the Combined MAC Credentials Subcommittee.  It will then be forwarded to the Medical Advisory Committee which in turn will make recommendations to the Board of each hospital, which makes the final decision.

Should you be refused appointment, you may apply for a hearing under Sections 37 and 39 of the Public Hospitals Act of Ontario.

3.  You must ensure your Mask Fit Test (N95 Respirator) is valid. The test must be completed every two(2) years and the results must be provided to Occupational Health, Safety, and Wellness, Kingston General Hospital.

4.  Review and ensure compliance as required with Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

The OHS&W Department is open Monday-Friday (0700-1600) and Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs) are on call weekends and holidays (0700-1900) to deal with more urgent matters and may be reached by calling the switchboard.  In addition, an Occupational Health Physician is available for consultation upon referral by the OHN.

The OHS&W department provides the following services:

  • Communicable disease surveillance- screening and immunizations 
  • Post-exposure follow up & testing
  • First Aid
  • Illness management including approval of short term disability leaves of absence and disability case management
  • Injury management and reporting to the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) and Ministry of Labour as required 
  • Respirator (N95) Fit testing & training
  • Development and implementation of health & safety initiatives/programs to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and to improve organizational health & safety 
  • Serve as resources to employees on health & safety issues/concerns and make recommendations to address/resolve health & safety issues.
  • Health Promotion/wellness activities

Questions about your reappointment and resident contract should be directed to:

People Services and Organizational Effectiveness

Questions about Occupational Health and Safety requirements should be directed to:

Occupational Health and Safety