KGH/HDH Application for Appointment to the House Staff and Employment Information

Paymaster Hospital

Kingston General Hospital is the paymaster hospital for all residents registered in a postgraduate residency program at Queen’s University. You will be required to complete the necessary paperwork and mandatory training modules. You will be guided through these steps using the on-line registration system.

Paystubs will be distributed electronically to KGH email accounts. Any questions regarding salary or benefits should be directed to KGH People Services and Organizational Effectiveness at

Your application should be made well in advance of the expected date of appointment as the credentialing process is lengthy.

The following provides an overview of the types of documents you will have to complete and submit to Kingston General Hospital. Please ensure you follow the checklist and submit all of the required documentation.

  • You will complete an Application for Appointment to the House Staff.
      • For Family Medicine Residents in Belleville-Quinte, Peterborough-Kawartha and Bowmanville-Oshawa Lakeridge, please contact your program assistant to complete the appropriate application for privileges at your respective hospital.
  • You will complete a Resident Contract Letter.You will be required to complete mandatory employment forms (e.g., income tax forms, banking information forms, etc.)
  • You will be required to supply information (e.g., immunization information, N95 mask fit test) to Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness.
  • You will be required to complete mandatory training modules on safe practices for residents, workplace violence and harassment, and on accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities.

Carefully review all documentation and submit to Kingston General Hospital per their instructions.

When all required documentation is completed and received at Kingston General Hospital, your name will be included on a listing indicating completion of all hospital registration requirements which will be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer or delegate who shall immediately refer the application to the Combined MAC Credentials Subcommittee.  It will then be forwarded to the Medical Advisory Committee which in turn will make recommendations to the Board of each hospital, which makes the final decision. 

Should you be refused appointment, you may apply for a hearing under Sections 37 and 39 of the Public Hospitals Act of Ontario.

Questions about paymaster requirements can be directed as follows:  

Kingston General Hospital People Services and Organizational Effectiveness


Kingston General Hospital Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness