Postgraduate Awards Program


 Award  Type Due Date  Eligibility  Amount
Henry Albert Beatty Fellowship Fellowship Nov 30 Residents  Variable
Cecil Reid Patience Fellowship Fellowship Nov 30 Residents  Variable
Katherine M Detre Award Bursary Jan 26 IMG Residents  Variable
William E O'Hara Bursary Bursary Jan 26 Residents  Variable
PARO Trust Fund's Resident Teaching Award Award Jan 13 Residents  $1,000
PARO Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award Jan 26 Residents may nominate clinical staff  $1,000
Lois H. Ross Resident Advocate Award Award Jan 26 Residents may nominate individual $1,000 donation
PARO Residency Program Excellence Award Award Jan 26 Residents may  nominate program $1,000 donation
Michael and Betty Dicketts Scholarship in Medicine Award Feb 24 Residents Variable
Ron Wigle Mentorship Award Award Mar 13 Faculty  $2,000
Dr. Sanjay Sharma Clinical Resident Award Award May 29 Residents Variable


Program-Specific Awards Available to Residents
Contact each Program / Office / Unit for further information

Anatomical Pathology Research Day Award
Anesthesiology Fred Wright Award
Research Day Award
Office of Bioethics Beatrice and Harold Cohen Prize in Medical Ethics
Family Medicine

Dr Harold Latham Award in Family Medicine
Fred Allan Vokes Memorial Award
Janet Sorbie Award in Family Medicine

GIDRU Ivan T. Beck Research Prize for Digestive Diseases
Neurology Denis Naldrett White Memorial Award
Ophthalmology Gail Bell Award in Ocular Pathology
Orthopedic Surgery William Ersil Memorial Award
Pediatrics Callum Dagnone Memorial Prize in Pediatrics
Department of Pediatrics Teaching Award

Other Awards
Contact the Office / Organization for more information
Associated Medical Services (AMS) AMS Grants and Awards
Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (CACR) CACR Awards
Canadian Association for Medical Education CAME Certificate of Merit Award
College of Family Physicians of Canada Family Medicine Resident Awards
Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO) PARO Awards
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada RCPSC Awards and Grants
Undergraduate Medical Education Resident Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

If you have any questions regarding any of the awards, please contact the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at