Fellowship Contacts

Program Fellowship Program Fellowship Director
Anesthesiology Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Dr. John Murdoch
Cardiology Electrophysiology Dr. Adrian Baranchuk
Cardiology Dr. Christopher Simpson
Critical Care Critical Care Medicine Dr. David Messenger (Kingston)
Dr. Randy Wax (Oshawa)
Gastroenterology Nerogastroenterology and Motility Dr. Mark Ropeleski
Hematology Hematology  Dr. Jill Dudebout
Medical Oncology  Medical Oncology with the NCIC Clinical
Trails Group 
Dr. Nazik Hammad
Nephrology Nephrology  Dr. Khaled Shamseddin
Neurosurgery Neurosurgery Dr. Christopher Wallace
Assistant - Cheryl Welch
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Contraceptive Advice, Research and
Education (CARE)
Dr. Robert Reid
Dr. Mary Anne Jamieson 
Ophthalmology Medical Retina Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Orthopedic Surgery     Orthopedic Surgery Fellowships  Dr. Jeff Yach
Pediatrics Spine Surgery Dr. Dan Borschneck
Upper Extremity Surgery Dr. David Pichora
Sports Medicine Dr. Davide Bardana
Spine Surgery  Dr. David Yen
Palliative Care Medicine Palliative Care Medicine Dr. Deborah Dudgeon
Pediatrics Neonatal Dr. Kim Dow
Psychiatry Mood Disorders and Consultation Liaison
Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry
Dr. Claudio Soares
Fellowship Assistant - Susan Beck
Radiation Oncology Clinical/ Quality Initiatives Dr. Catherine de Metz
Respirology Sleep Medicine Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick
ILD Dr. Onofre Moran-Mendoza
Rheumatology Rheumatology Dr. Marie Clements-Baker