Designing Competency At Queen's
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Postgraduate Medical Education

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office is responsible for overseeing the educational and administrative aspects of all postgraduate residency programs at Queen's University. We have an open-door policy and residents are assured confidentiality by all members of the Postgraduate team.

For general inquiries please email our office or call us at 613-533-2543.

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CBME at Queen's University

In July 2017, Queen’s University became the first institution in Canada to fully transition all of its postgraduate residency programs to a competency-based medical education (CBME) framework. Our residency programs have been restructured and a new assessment system has been developed to ensure that residents are ready to benefit from this innovative new way of learning. The future of medical education in Canada is changing and Queen's is proud to be leading the way.

  • CBME at Queen's: <strong>The Benefits</strong>

    CBME at Queen's:

    The Benefits

  • CBME at Queen's: <strong>Learn About EPAs</strong>

    CBME at Queen's:

    Learn About EPAs

  • CBME at Queen's: <strong>Improving Resident Assessment</strong>

    CBME at Queen's:

    Improving Resident Assessment

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