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Medical Sciences


July 2021 Start Date: July 5, 2021

Application Deadline: April 23, 2021 (closed)

January 2022 Start Date: January 3, 2022

Application Deadline: October 15, 2021

July 2022 Start Date: July 4, 2022

Application Deadline: TBD


The GDPM Program is continuing to accept applications for future terms.

Completed application files will be reviewed after the application deadline and electronic interviews will be scheduled shortly thereafter.


The Graduate Diploma in Medical Sciences and Professional Master's of Medical Sciences are two programs offered through a partnership between the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Postgraduate Medical Education, and Undergraduate Medical Education.

These programs have been specifically designed for graduates of medical schools who have not yet matched to a postgraduate residency program in Canada. Students will explore current issues in medical sciences and further develop their clinical skills in the context of the Canadian healthcare system. It is anticipated that the emphasis on research, clinical skills, and scholarship will enhance any future applications for residency positions through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

For additional information, please refer to the School of Graduate Studies website at .

Yara Mouhamed

"Pursuing my Medical Sciences Masters at Queen's University is the best decision I have made throughout my entire career. Not only is the program fantastic in regards to preparing IMGs to better perform in the Canadian medical environment through extensive hands-on clinical experiences, it also provides great research opportunities. But more importantly, I have found the program to be unique in the way it allows its students to grow on the interpersonal and professional levels. How to give and receive feedback, work in a team, learn from seniors and support junior learners are all skills that I have gained through the GDPM program. I am thankful to the program for preparing me for the next step in my career as a Family Medicine resident at Queen's University."

- Yara Mouhamed, Graduate of Professional Master in Medical Sciences

"By joining the Queen’s University GPDM program, I have seen personal growth that has been an enriching experience and has challenged me in ways to not only become a better medical physician but also to become a clinical scientist that pursues innovative research. Under the guidance of excellent mentors, I was able to participate and gain invaluable hands-on Canadian clinical experience, engage in standardized patient simulations in the clinical teaching center, and participate in nightmare resuscitation scenarios. The program has allowed me to grow professionally and personally to become a better educator and mentor to my peers and future students.  This program also has a dedicated and determined team of researchers who have helped me enhance my research skills by educating the program participants to conduct ethical research through outstanding mentorship that constantly provides tools to ensure success for our research endeavors. I absolutely love this program. I am forever thankful and grateful to the Queen’s Medical Sciences faculty in helping me towards achieving my goals."

- Justin Jain, Professional Master in Medical Sciences Student

"Starting my Professional Master in Medical Sciences at Queen’s has been one of the greatest things I have done for my medical career as an IMG.

 Weekly OSCE stations, the Nightmares course, and the opportunity to be placed in different hands-on clinical settings has been a tremendous help in allowing me to maintain and refine my clinical skills and keep my knowledge up to date with current practice guidelines in the Canadian health care setting. It was also a wonderful opportunity to network with great clinical supervisors.

The research component has helped me gain a wealth of knowledge and skills, and the opportunity to publish many research papers in respected medical journals through critical appraisal of research, and how research applies to clinical practice.

The opportunity to mentor junior students and be mentored by senior students is also an important skill set that I learned by being in the clinical, and research environments.

 Overall, the program trains and refines competencies pertaining to the different CanMEDS roles, and how they pertain to physicians in practice in Canada."

- Fady Dawoud, Professional Master in Medical Sciences Student

"As an IMG, returning home and matching into a Canadian residency program was very important to me.  In order to make myself a more competitive applicant for the CaRMS match, I applied to the Queen’s University Graduate Diploma program in Medical Sciences. 

The program gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge through integrated clerkships, research, standardized patient OSCEs and technical skills training.  My clinical experiences were tailored to the disciplines of medicine I was interested in and better prepared me for what to expect as a resident training in the Canadian learning context within a CanMEDS and CBME framework.   The research portion allowed me to work collectively with a group of physicians, perform critical analyses of articles, and interpret and apply the relevant information to publish an informative up to date review. 

Throughout the program I was surrounded by excellent physicians, faculty and staff which took an interest into my future.  Because of all their help and guidance, I was able to achieve my goal of matching into an Ontario residency program."

- Catherine Nowierski, Professional Master in Medical Sciences Graduate

Jabiz Photo

"As an IMG, joining GDMP was a unique opportunity for me to gain hands-on Canadian experience and get familiar with the details of the healthcare system. All clinical exposures were followed by in-person assessments from Queen’s experienced preceptors. This was extremely helpful in refining my clinical skills and updating my medical knowledge. Moreover, GDPM provided me with an in-depth understanding of CanMED roles. It goes without saying that this is mandatory for becoming a successful physician in Canada. Also, being a GDPM student, I had the chance to perfect my research skills under the guidance of experienced mentors. I even had the chance to present my work at a national level. Last but not least, GDPM was not just an educational program for me; I felt supported throughout all of my journey and made some good friends for which I will be forever thankful.

- Jabiz Modaresi Esfeh, Graduate Diploma in Medical Sciences"