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Aesculapian Society Meeting Highlights (May 7, 2014) Spring General Meeting Edition
Released May 10th, 2014 by Alicia Nickel

There was a fantastic turn-out at the Aesculapian Society’s Spring General Meeting. Attendees were very involved and there were many interesting discussions. Please see the minutes for full details, or contact me if you have any questions.

Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws: Constitution and by-law amendments passed. There was a rousing discussion period on the proposed changes to the Letter M award. Check out the minutes for the play-by-play.

President’s Report Highlights:

  • We sent our largest delegation ever to the CFMS SGM. Highlights from the meeting:
    • Accreditation
      • Ahead of the curve; McGill + Western only just beginning their student self-surveys
    • CaRMS match
      • Many schools posted all-time low match rates
      • Several schools have “enrichment year” for students who do not match; school-affiliated research, supplementary electives
      • Not an issue at Queen’s!
    • Health + Human Resources Policy + IMGs
      • Several schools beginning to designate dedicated IMG clerkship elective spots
      • Current potential suit against residency matching system on behalf of IMG special interest parties
      • Should the CFMS be aggressively advocating for the interests of medical students in Canada, even if potential bias against IMGs?
    • AFMC Electives Portal Introduction
      • In final stages, will go live in June
      • Test schools are Toronto, McGill, two others (not Queen’s)
    • Completed Initiatives:
      • CFMS AGM Bid
      • Student Initiatives Grants
      • Revamping of Wellness Committee
      • AS Clothing Sale + Reimbursement of Surplus
      • Additions to AS Athletic Reps Portfolio
      • Med-Law Games
      • 1st year / 2nd year interclass tournament series
    • Projects in Progress:
      • Faculty Conflict of Interest Policy
      • Accreditation Self-survey
      • Learner Wellness – Dedicated In-house Counsellor
      • Constitution + By-laws Review
      •  Improvement of Mentorship Program
      • Student Lounge

Global Health Special Report:

  • Outlined the advocacy theme for the coming year: access to medicines.
  • Also, we are looking to formalize a global health committee at Queen’s. Members would include: GH Sr., GH Jr., Local Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health, GH Aboriginal Affairs, GH Interest Group Leader, Global Health Advocate. Should there be a GHA Jr. and Sr.????
  • If you are interested in writing/ being involved in position papers? Contact the global health team!


Awards: Huge congratulations to everyone who earned an Aesculapian Society Awards

  • AS Faculty Lectureship Awards
    • First Year Awards: Presented by 2017 class president, John Cluett
    • Term 1: Dr. Michael Sylvester & Dr. Conrad Reifel
    • Term 2A: Dr. David Lee & Dr. John Matthews
  • Second Year Awards: Presented by 2016 class president, Sean Henderson
    • Term 3: Dr. Paul Malik & Dr. Robyn Houlden
    • Term 4A: Dr. Alexandre Menard & Dr. Gregory Davies
  • Aesculapian Society Student Awards 2013-2014: Presented by Graydon Simmons and Matthew Church
    • Award of Merit: Alex Cornman (2014) & Maria Cusimano (2014)
    • AA Travill Award: Graydon Simmons (2016)
    • Aesculapian Award: Tracy Alldred (2014) & Yan Sim (2014)
  • Aesculapian Society Athletic Awards
    • Aesculapian Trophy: Awarded to the two 1st year students with the most athletic points.
      • Craig Lynch & Jocelyn Boley
    • The Letter M: Awarded to students in their final year of medical school for athletic points accumulated over all four years.
      • **** Daniel Ting
      • ** Sarah Luckett-Gatopolous, Renee Farrell
      • * Victoria Squissato, Derrick Tam, Justues Chang, Lukas Brown, Shawn Lacombe, Lesley Leun, Sahil Koppikar, Takis Tryphanopoulos
    • Aesculapian Cup: Awarded to 2 students in the 4th year class for their contributions to athletics during medical school
      • Ryan Fitzpatrick & Maria Cusimano


Aesculapian Society Meeting Highlights (April 30, 2014)
Released May 01st, 2014 by Alicia Nickel

NMB 010 Lounge: Thank you 2014’s for the awesome additions to our lounge! Everyone be sure to check out the new Wii (with Big Buck Hunter) and foosball table.

2014-2015 AS Executive: Congratulations and welcome to Jonathan Cluett (President), Mike Baxter (VP Internal) and Natasha Ovtcharenko (VP Academic).

Admissions Committee: Has been meeting and finalizing who to offer admission to for the class of 2018. Offers of admission will go out on May 13, 2014!

CFMS SGM: Was held in Ottawa from April 25-27. Queen’s had a great presence at this meeting and participated in many interesting discussions.

AS SGM: The spring general meeting is on May 7th @ 5:30 pm in NMB 132A. Why should you come? To show support to the faculty who are receiving lectureship awards and to students receiving awards for athleticism and service. Also, you can learn what the AS has been working on this past year and participate in important bylaw changes!

St. Baldrick’s: Friday, May 2nd is the big day. So far, the classes of 2016 and 2017 have raised over $6000!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Call for Feedback - Dr. Sanfilippo's Apr. 28th Blog Post
Released April 29th, 2014 by John Graydon Simmons

For those who don't check Dr. Sanfilippo's blog on a regular basis, make sure to take a look this week as he is interested in hearing from the study body at large. Specifically, his blog post from this past Monday is discussing the use of medical students as practice patients during clinical skills sessions (ex: is it appropriate that we require students to practice the exams on one another during clinical skills classes in pre-clerkship or that we often call on volunteers during lectures to have exams performed on them?).

In terms of how to provide your feedback, he has encouraged you to comment directly on his blog, send your perspective via email to himself, Liz Clement (, Dr. Gibson (Curriculum Committee Chair) or Dr. Jones (Clinical Skills Director). Additionally, his confidential "Talk to the Dean" portal on MEdTech is always available!

New Additions to NMB 010 - Class of 2014
Released April 25th, 2014 by John Graydon Simmons

With the yearly tradition of the class gift, we wanted to leave something in keeping with our class reputation. Please enjoy a brand new Tornado foosball table, a fully stocked Wii (remotes, classic controllers, steering wheels, chargers, guns) and games (Mario Kart, Mario party, Golden Eye, Big Buck Hunter, Smash Bros, Just Dance, Wii Sports and Resort). 

Also, we just wanted to say thanks for helping make our last four years so memorable. And a word of advice: med school is short, have a little fun.


The Queen's School of Medicine - Class of 2014

NMB - 132a Mics
Released April 24th, 2014 by John Graydon Simmons

As some of you know there was piece of hardware in the overarching soundboard for NMB 132a that had to be repaired recently which caused the in-house speakers in the lecture hall to be out of service for a few days.

This has now been repaired but as a result some mics need to re-calibrated and will be out of service until then. These mics, along with the other malfunctioning 132a mics will hopefully be repaired in the relatively near future. The mics that have been reported for repair are listed below. Please keep this in mind for your academic and extra curricular sessions in the lecture hall. 

Contact me with any questions or concerns!

Graydon Simmons
AS VP Internal 2013-2014

Mics Reported for Repair

M17 - Button needs repair

M21 - Sound feedback issue
M52 - Sound feedback issue

M31 - Soundboard issue
M32 - Soundboard issue
M41-M48 - Soundboard issue

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