Certificate of Global Health: Informational Page

Students will volunteer to provide a service in a Kingston Organisations.  This will be a longitudinal endeavour over the course of at least two semesters.  The UGME is working toward implementing a Service Learning opportunity.  Once this is in effect, students enrolled in the CGH may complete the UGME Service Learning tasks, as long as there is prior approval of the specific activity from the OGH.  The target population served in your chosen Service Learning activity MUST be considered to be underserviced.  Please complete the Service Learning module to fully understand the task.

NOTE:  In the past, a few  students who provided service to the community through the OGH, did not fulfill their commitments.  This must not happen.  The student will be asked to sign a code of conduct prior to starting their longitudinal placement.  Should a student not fulfill what they committed to, without exceptional reasons and timely and effective communication with the OGH and the organisation, this will be considered a breach of professionalism.  Community organisations rely on their volunteers, and in many cases of service-learning, someone from the organisation will spend time with you planning your tasks.  It is harmful to the organisations and to their relationship with the OGH and UGME when the promised tasks are not fulfilled.


Once you have decided on a service learning project to propose, approval must be given by the OGH.

To receive credit toward the CGH, you must provide a reflection piece (in written or presentation form) describing the following elements.  Your supervisor at the agency MUST approve your refection.

The minimum required elements for the reflection are:

1.  The tasks that you undertook

2.  What you learned from the expereince

3. The effect that you feel that had on the stakeholders (both positive and potentially negative)


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