Pre-departure Training

All learners must take part in the pre-departure training program irrelevant of whether their placement is planned outside of Canada or in a low-resource setting in Canada.  Basic structure for course is guided by the document ‘Preparing Medical Students for Electives in Low-Resource Settings: A Template for National Guidelines for Pre-Departure Training.’ (prepared by AFMC Global Health Resource Group and CFMS Global Health Program).

Topics include:

  • Personal Health
  • Travel Safety & Emergency Preparedness
  • Cultural Humility
  • Language Competencies
  • Medical and Personal Ethical Considerations
  • Medical Tourism

Queen’s learners must complete the Queen’s University online Pre-Departure Training module, Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy, and Emergency Support Program.

Students from other universities are responsible for completing the equivalent requirements at their home university.

The pre-departure training course consists of:

Two 3-hour sessions of lectures, large group discussions, and small group cases.
Small group cases that explore various medical and personal ethical scenarios and medical tourism.

Each student given a PDT Manual that includes supplemental training on travel safety, global health ethics, and cultural humility.  For more information on our PDT, please click here!

Prior to the sessions, students are required to read several global health ethics articles and complete assigned questions.