Certificate of Global Health: Informational Page

Pre-clerkship students must complete a 4-week GH observership in a low-resource setting in Canada or abroad.
Clerkship students must completed a 3-week GH elective in a low-resource setting in Canada or abroad.
Application for the clinical experience consists of:

Organization description
Field supervisor and contact information
Arrangement of safe accommodation
Educational and personal objectives
Statement on potential community impact
Brief description of country/region demographics

  1. The hosting organization must agree to student’s objectives and Office of Global Health Student Code of Conduct
  2. Learners must complete an online ethics case following pre-departure training and sign Student Code of Conduct
  3. Each learner must complete an individual pre-departure interview with Office of Global Health Program Manager or faculty member
  4. Consultations should be done with the OGH for Pre-departure training and additional requirements.

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