•    With the risk of extravasation of irritating or tissue-injuring solutions (colchicine, phenytoin, vasoconstrictors, and others) or suboptimal volume flow, peripheral IVs should not be placed in extremities with:
        o    Massive edema
        o    Burns
        o    Sclerosis
        o    Phlebitis
        o    Thrombosis

•    Extremities ipsilateral to radical mastectomy or dialysis grafts should be avoided but may be used in urgent conditions when no other peripheral IV access sites exist

•    Veins that drain from area of neck trauma or into an affected traumatic extremity or the side of a chest or abdominal trauma

•    Sites of cellulitis (bacteremia)

•    Extremities with shunts or fistulas (shunt infections or thrombosis)

•    IV access in feet or ankles is suboptimal for long-term use but may suffice in emergencies