In this module, you will be introduced to transfusion medicine with an emphasis on blood products, their preparation, the clinical indications for their use, and risks associated with transfusion.

Using this module:

Use the menu on the left hand side of the screen to move from section to section. The practice questions in this module are purely to enhance your learning. Your responses are neither tracked nor scored. Pay attention to technical tips (highlighted in green) throughout this module to ensure that you complete this tutorial in its entirety.

Consider reviewing the following reference (or another similar resource) for supplemental information and specific guidelines for transfusion. This reference is available to Queen's students and faculty online by clicking on the link below. This material may also be accessed from the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre educational website.

Callum, J. and Pinkerton, P. (2003) Bloody Easy: blood transfusions, blood alternatives and transfusion reactions: a guide to transfusion medicine. National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication.