Summary questions

IDevice Question Icon Question 1
The family of Mr. BR, one of your patients who has just been diagnosed as having suffered a stroke, stops you in the hallway asking for an update on his condition. What is the best course of action?
Inform them at this point in time that Mr. BR has suffered a stroke.
Tell them that "things aren't looking good" but you will get back to them as soon as you have a moment to set up a meeting.
Arrange a meeting as soon as possible in a private environment to discuss Mr. BR's condition.
Tell them that you are in a hurry now but will get back to them when you have some free time.

IDevice Question Icon Question 2
What is the best terminology to inform someone that his wife has died.
Your wife has died.
Your wife has passed away.
Your wife has passed on.
Your wife is no longer with us.
We did all we could to save your wife.

IDevice Question Icon Question 3
Which of the following is NOT a cue to continue speaking after delivering bad news?
The patient asks you a question.
The patient makes eye contact with you.
The patient continues crying and you begin to feel awkward.

iDevice icon Question 4
What are the 7 components of the SAD NEWS model?
IDevice Question Icon Question 5
When you have finished telling a family that their relative has died, you should:
excuse yourself and leave the family in private to grieve.
offer to contact the funeral home and other family members.
have a nurse, social worker or clergy (if appropriate) sit with the family to support them and answer any further questions.
encourage them to get on with their lives.