Step 8: Pass the tube

The rescuer should try to maintain visualization of the cords while the ET tube is being passed through the oropharynx. The cuff of the tube should be advanced just past the vocal cords. As an approximate landmark for adults, the 22 cm mark on the tube should be at the corner of the patient's mouth when the ET tube is correctly positioned in the trachea.

Note correct technique:

  1. Bring the ET tube in from the right side of the patient's head.
  2. Insert the ET tube in the right side of the oropharynx.
  3. Advance the ET tube towards the vocal cords, maintaining visualization of the cords.
  4. Watch the ET tube pass through the cords. The tube should be advanced so that the cuff is just past the cords.

ET Tube insertion
ET tube insertion in live patient