Step 5: Position laryngoscope

The laryngoscope is used to move the tongue out of the way, and to elevate the mandible. The curved blade has a groove on its left side to "scoop" the tongue as the rescuer sweeps in a right right-to-left direction.

Note correct technique:

  1. The tip of the blade is inserted into the right side of the mouth, and advanced towards the right tonsillar pillar.
  2. The blade is moved to the midline, sweeping the tongue left, once the right tonillar fossa is visualized.
  3. The blade is then advanced into the vallecula, between the base of the tongue and the epiglottis.

Can't see much? Try using suction...

In resuscitations, it is common for the patient to either vomit or have an excess of oropharyngeal secretions. If available, suction should be included in your advanced airway management equipment.

Position laryngoscope