Advanced Cardiac Life Support 1

Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2

Approach to Arthritis

Blood Transfusions

Breaking Bad News

Derm - Naming Skin Lesions (PPT)

EBM Module: Likelihood Ratios

EBM Module: Types of Data and Measures of Central Tendency

EBM Module: Reproducibility

EBM Module: Sensitivity and Specificity

EBM Module: Effects of Prevalence on Diagnostic Tests

EBM Module: Case Control and Cohort Studies

Evidence Search and Rescue


Heam Team

Hip Fracture Indentification for Subsequent Femur X-Rays in the ED

Intellecual Disabilities Day 2010 - Interprofessional Case Study

Interprofessional Education

Intimate Partner Violence Module 1: A Critical Health Issue

Intimate Partner Violence Module 2: Facilitating Disclosure

Intimate Partner Violence Module 3: Understanding Power and Control in Abuse

Intimate Partner Violence Module 4: What To Do Upon Disclosure

Intimate Partner Violence Module 5: Special Populations and Intimate Partner and Family Violence

Introduction To Clinical Oncology

The Oncology Team

Introduction To Medical Oncology

Introduction To Radiation Oncology

Introduction To Surgical Oncology

Laparoscopic Videos

Medication Reconciliation

Medication Safety

MSK - Acute Hand Problems

MSK - Anatomy of the shoulder and elbow

MSK - Approach to Arthritis

MSK - Bone Pain in Children

MSK - Bone Morphology and Fracture Healing

MSK - Cases - Lower Limbs

MSK - Cases - Shoulder Elbow Case

MSK - Deformity

MSK - Epidemiology: 1

MSK - Examination of the Hand

MSK - Examination of the Hand and Wrist - Non-Urgent

MSK - Examination of the Ankle and Foot

MSK - Examination of the Knee

MSK - Examination of the Shoulder

MSK - Examination of the Spine

MSK - Fractures in Adults

MSK - Fractures in Children

MSK - GALS Screening Exam

MSK - Imaging (Articulate)

MSK - Injuries in the Elderly

MSK - Introduction to Team Learning

MSK - Limping Child

MSK - Pediatric Fractures

MSK - Types of Arthritis

Neurology - Aphasia

Neurology - Sensory Exam

Ophthalmic Presentations in the Emergency Department

Palliative Performance Scale

Patient Safety

Patient Safety (SoftChalk)

Psychiatry - Attention Deficit Disorder

Psychiatry - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Psychiatry - Mental Health Act

SEIPCLE - Collaborative Practice Module

SEIPCLE - Patient Perspective

Technical Skills - Ankle Radiograph (old format)

Technical Skills - Arterial Blood Gases

Technical Skills - Advanced Airway Management

Technical Skills - Basic Airway Management

Technical Skills - Basic Suturing

Technical Skills - Carpal Bones

Technical Skills - Carpal Radiograph (old format)

Technical Skills - Cast Application

Technical Skills - Digital Rectal Exam & Anoscopy

Technical Skills - ECG

Technical Skills - Facial Radiograph (old format)

Technical Skills - IV Access

Technical Skills - Lumbar Puncture

Technical Skills - Nasogastric Intubation

Technical Skills - Paracentesis

Technical Skills - PICC Lines

Technical Skills - Port-A-Cath

Technical Skills - Pediatric Elbow Radiograph

Technical Skills - Thoracentesis

Technical Skills - Urinary Catheterization

TOC Project/OIPEP - Communicating For Patient Safety


OT 871: Clinical Reasoning Case Study - Doug

OT 871: Clinical Reasoning Case Study - Grace

OT 871: Clinical Reasoning Case Study - Jim

OT 871: Clinical Reasoning Case Study - Nicholas

OT 871: Clinical Reasoning Case Study - Pauline

OT 871: Clinical Reasoning Case Study - Valerie

PT 861 - Introduction to Development

PT 861 - The High Risk Infant

PT 861 - Screening Tools

Post Grad: CanMeds

CanMEDS Introduction

CanMEDS Communicator

CanMEDS Collaborator

CanMEDS Health Advocate