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MAID for Palliative Care? Can They Co-Exist?

Published Fri Mar 24th 2017

Presented by: 

Andrew Robinson - Medical Oncologist 
Deanna Russell - Veterinarian and Family Physician 
Mark Handelman - Lawyer 
Janeta Kobes - Spiritual Health Specialist 
Cathy MacGillivary - Social Worker 
Craig Goldie - Palliative Care Physician

Friday March 31, 2017
Botterell Hall Room B143

Purpose: To examine the mutual existence of physician-assisted death and palliative care in Canada

1. Review the experience with physician-assisted death so far 
2. Consider how physician-assisted death and palliative care fit with Canadian attitudes towards death and dying 
3. Create discussion on how palliative care and physician-assisted death co-exist now and in the future

Flyer attached here.