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Queen's to host molecular pathology research network

Published Fri Oct 7th 2016

Dr. Christine Williams, Deputy Director and Vice-President of the OICR, announced the funding today in Kingston. The Network will bring together a number of institutions province-wide.

“We, as pathologists, are facing a whole new set of challenges,” says Dr. LeBrun. “There are hundreds of potential new cancer drugs available for study so we need people doing research into the relevant diagnostics. We need to draw young pathologists into the research community, provide funding for this research and work to have more pathology content integrated into medical school curriculums.”

Pathology is key to the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. An accurate diagnosis can provide better prognostic information and allow doctors to better target therapies. Pathology research can also lead to the development of new treatments that target specific cancer-driving mutations, genes and pathways, avoiding ineffective treatments with unwanted side effects. But as researchers’ understanding of cancer, and its complexity, deepens, so too has the need for pathologists who can incorporate this new understanding into their daily routine, taking advantage of the latest technologies and knowledge to help patients.

“The Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network’s objectives in helping to improve the diagnosis of cancer will accelerate the pace of discovery while fostering collaboration amongst our young pathologists,” says Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science. “The Ontario government proudly supports this new initiative through the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research for it will help maintain the province’s continued commitment to the cutting edge of research and development of better treatments for all patients.”

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Thursday September 29, 2016