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Educational Research Series

Published Tue Jul 26th 2016

Faculty Development Educational Research Series.  Please join us for one or all of a seven-part educational research series co-sponsored by The Centre for Teaching & Learning, Office of Faculty Development - Faculty of Health Sciences, Office of Health Sciences Education, and the Vice Principal (Research). Educational research, also referred to as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, is the study of how we teach and how students learn.  Goals for the series are to:

  • Engage with a network of colleagues focused on educational research
  • Uncover different disciplinary approaches to educational research
  • Explore the stages of a systematic educational research process
  • Develop an educational research proposal
Session 1: Approaches to Educational Research  September 21, 2016
Session 2: Researching the Literature and Developing Your Research Plan  October 5, 2016
Session 3: Qualitative Methods and Analysis in Educational Research  October 26, 2016
Session 4: Quantitative Methods and Analysis in Educational Research  November 16, 2016
Session 5: Taking a Mixed Methods Approach to Educational Research  December 7, 2016
Session 6: Approaches to Program Evaluation  January 18, 2017
Session 7: Writing and Presenting in Educational Research  February 15, 2017
Session 8: Closing Session  March 8, 2017

To register and for additional details visit: queensu.ca/ctl/programs-and-events/faculty-development-educational-research-series