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Learner Benefits

Benefits available for students doing rotations in Peterborough: 

  1. Free memberships to the newly built Peterborough YMCA facility ( are provided by the Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Commission.  On arrival in Peterborough you will receive information on who to contact to obtain your membership.
  2. Free tickets to Peterborough Pete's OHL hockey games are also provided by the GPAEDC  ( for rotations that are 4 weeks in length or greater.
  3. Four mountain bikes of various sizes, with locks, are available at the accommodation for your use while in Peterborough.  ** You will need to bring your own helmet**
  4. Once a month learners are invited to a free catered lunch in the hospital.  This is an opportunity to meet the other students and residents doing rotations in Peterborough, as well as our regional physician leaders.  We welcome informal feedback on how your rotations are going during our lunch meetings.