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Unit #1

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Regional Education has a 5-bedroom house located on Dobbin Avenue which has a full 3-bedroom apartment upstairs as well as a 2-bedroom apartment in the basement (please refer to Elentra for house number).  Each floor has it's own kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and laundry room.

All of the Regional Education accommodations are shared with other medical students or residents.  The accommodations are co-ed, however, we do our best to try and book learners of the same gender together but sometimes that is not possible.  If you choose not to share an assigned apartment, please contact our office immediately to see if an alternate solution can be found.

Our Regional Education accommodations are for the learners use only.  Accommodations are not provided for other family members or friends (spouses, children, caregivers, etc). 

  • No Pets -  Please note, our property leases state "No Pets Allowed".  Please respect the wishes of the landlord and be respectful of your roommates as many learners suffer from allergies.
  • No Smoking -  Smoking is NOT permitted in any of the Regional Education accommodations.
  • Internet -  These accomodations have been set up with a wireless high speed Internet connection.
  • Parking -  There are 5 parking spots available at the house, one in the garage and 4 in the driveway.
  • Keys -  Pick up keys from the Peterborough Regional Health Centre Security Office W3664 which is located just inside the entrance of the Emergency Department.  The keys must be returned to Security prior to your departure from Peterborough.
  • Travel -  The cost of 1 return trip for each completed two-week time period is available for reimbursement.  All travel reimbursements are contingent upon fulfillment of learner responsibilities.
  • Linens -  Bed, bath and kitchen linens are provided.  All linens used must be laundered prior to your departure.


The house is a 5 - 10 minute walk to the PRHC hospital. At the end of Dobbin Avenue take the stairs up to Hospital Drive and turn left. Follow Hospital Drive and enter the hospital through the South Entrance (2nd level). Walk past the first elevator on your left to the bank of elevators ahead and take an elevator to the 4th level. Turn left as you come out of the elevator and just past the entrance to Block B patient care area is Room B4203. ( PRHC Floor Map & Guide)  Approximately 4 weeks prior to your rotation start date, you will receive an introductory email from Brenda George, Medical Learners, Credentialing & Physician Recruitment.

You will be required to obtain a PRHC ID tag. PRHC also provides pagers for all clerks and residents, as required. Both the ID tag and pager must be returned to Brenda George at the end of the rotation.

Please meet Brenda George at PRHC in Room B4203. On your first day, Obstetrics clerks should meet Brenda at 7:15am while all other learners will meet Brenda at 8:30am. Orientation consists of general orientation and computer orientation to Meditech, Picture Archiving & Communication Systems (PACS) and if required Emergency Department Management (EDM).

Location of Room B4203: If you enter the hospital through the Main Entrance, walk straight ahead to the glass wall at the far end. Turn left and walk down the main 'spine' of the building. Just past the elevators is the Block B patient care area. Room B4203 is just beyond the entrance to Block B on your right.

Parking is also available at the hospital at a cost of $6.00 per day or $48.00 per month. Access to the Staff/Visitor parking lot is off Weller Street. Parking expenses incurred at PRHC are not reimbursed to Queen's learners residing in a Regional Education apartment.

From time to time clinical clerks are accepted to do rotations on other services in Peterborough by special request.  We make an extra effort to accommodate clerks who come from the Peterborough area and who wish to do a rotation close to home.  If you have a request, please direct it to Brenda George ( at Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

Peterborough Regional Health Centre requires the following written confirmation from all medical trainees prior to the commencement of their rotation:

  1. Completion of PRHC Health Review form (to obtain a copy of this form please contact Brenda George at
  2. Malpractice insurance (LOGS).
  3. Criminal records check to include a vulnerable sector check (LOGS).
  4. Confirmation of WSIB for approved rotations (LOGS).
  5. Documented proof of current immunizations to include MMR (2 vaccines or titres to prove immunity), a 2-step TB skin test with current annual 1- step and varicella (history of or titres).
  6. Proof of influenza vaccination (without proof mask must be worn in all patient care areas).

Several of the items listed above will be included in the Letter of Good Standing (LOGS) that can be obtained through the UGME Office or Residency Program Assistant.  Please send the required information to Brenda George ( at PRHC.


Regional Site Contacts:

Dr. Bharat Maini,
Regional Learner Advocate 
Phone: (705) 761-5656

Dr. Greg Bishop,
Regional Learner Advocate 
Phone: (705) 772-1218

Brenda George
Medical Learners, Credentialing & Physician Recruitment
Office No. W4803
Phone: (705) 743-2121 ext 3032

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your out-of-town rotation please contact the Regional Education office:
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext 77606