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Admissions Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To recommend to School of Medicine Academic Council policies concerning the admission of students and the granting of advanced standing.
  2. In accord with the policies on admissions and advanced standing established by Faculty Board:
    1. To consider the qualifications of those seeking admission as medical students.
    2. To select those applicants which by the Committee's own decision are best qualified.
    3. To inform, through the Associate Dean, the University Registrar of the names of those to be permitted to register as entering medical students.
    4. To refer for consideration by the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Medical Education), the records of applicants who are selected for admission and who may offer evidence of courses taken elsewhere which might reasonably be expected to qualify them for advanced standing in any course or courses offered in the School of Medicine
    5. To report to School of Medicine Academic Council for information at its October meeting, data on the composition of the entering class.
  3. To maintain liaison with the University Registrar and with those responsible for admissions in other Faculties and Schools of Medicine in Ontario and elsewhere as considered appropriate.

Special Procedures

Meetings of the Committee on Admissions shall be closed to all save those specifically authorized by the Chairperson to attend. Minutes of the meetings of this Committee shall be confidential.


The Committee will have a membership of ten, as follows: 

  • Seven members from the School of Medicine, each to serve for Three years, and shall be eligible for re-election of one year.
  • Two members from the medical student body, each to serve for two years; one to be elected annually.
  • One member from the community at large to serve for a three-year term, and shall be eligible for re-election of one year.
  • The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, will serve as a member ex officio on the Committee.


The Chairperson shall be appointed annually by the Dean from the elected membership and shall be eligible for re-appointment. The Secretary shall be appointed by the Committee.