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Frequently Asked Questions

Our working policy is that studentships are intended for research and scholarly activity and are not intended to fund curricular requirements such as critical enquiry. Exceptions of this working policy will be made for projects that have been developed within the course MEDS232A Professional Foundations: Critical Enquiry.

Payments for funded projects are made in 3 equal installments -  one at the end of June, one at the end of July and one at the end of August.  It should be noted that final payment is only handed out when a final report is handed in.  Details of this will be communicated at the appropriate time.

No, all studentships have different requirements.  Please read the descriptions for each one, which will indicate if the research should be conducted at Queen's.  If there is no such indication, the research may be conducted elsewhere. 

There are two awards available to students wishing to perform research outside of Kingston, The John F. Sparks Memorial Fund and The Ruth Taylor Research Fund. Last year we were funded for 4 Sparks Studentships and 2 Taylor Studentships.

You may apply jointly for a Summer Studentship if it is a collaborative venture. That being said, unless you can justify that the project requires you both to work full-time on the project the funding will be split between you. You and your collaborator should both should apply separately and then in the Timeline section justify that the project requires you both to work full-time on the project. Also, when your supervisor writes to confirm that they are willing to supervise your research they should also justify the need for two investigator full-time for the 3 months.

Yes you may. However, you are only eligible for one award.

Ideally, your project should be 3 months in length, running over the course of the summer.  Sometimes this is not possible.  Each project that is shorter or longer than the required 3 month time frame will have to be looked at individually by the Awards Committee.

Project Information - well developed projects should be submitted. Those applications that include detailed, well thought out projects will assist the Awards Committee in their selection process. Project descriptions should be brief, clear and in lay terms, a clear objective should be stated.  A timeline showing it is reasonable to complete the project in 3 months.  You will also need the approval of a supervisor for your project.

Research Question: Maximim 650 characters
Bacground/Justification: Maximum 4250 characters, a section for references is at the end of the form
Methods (Design, Participants, Outcomes): Maximum 3250 characters, a section for your references is at the end of the form
Analysis Plan: Maximum 2000 characters

Maximim 1000 characters:
e.g.  June - Recruitment of subjects and collection of data.
        July - Collection of data.
        August - Analysis of data.

Importance/potential impact of project:  Maximum 2000 characters, a section for your references is at the end of the form.
Please describe the quality of the research:  This section is optional - only for students who feel qualifiied to answer.  For example - already working with their particular supervisor.
  • Originality and quality of research question

  • Well structured application and justification

  • Methods and analysis plan

  • Realistic timeline

  • Importance/potential impact of project