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Q: How do I request approval for time off during Year 1, Year 2, the Clerkship Curricular Courses, or Clinical Clerkship Courses?

A: Please follow the instructions outlined in procedure SA-07P Attendance and Absences in UGME: Procedure for Requesting Approval for Time Off Undergraduate Medicine.


Q: How do I apply for Conference Funding?

A: To apply for Conference Funding, please follow the instructions outlined on the UGME website's Awards and Funding page.


Q: How do I apply for a Letter of Good Standing?

A: Please fill out the online application form located on the UGME website's Current Students page.

Q: How do I ensure that an Observership is counted toward my total Observership experiences? 

A: Be sure to follow the instructions outlined in the Student Observership Procedure (CC-02P). 


Q: How are notifications regarding curricular content communicated to students?

A: Please check your MEdTech Dashboard by logging in to EdTech Central frequently as the Course Calendar is subject to change and, per the communication guidelines set by the Aesculapian Society, all curricular communications will be posted there including, but not limited to, session changes, location changes, reminders for assignment due dates and instructions, notification that grades have been posted, notification that new materials or resources have been posted, etc.

Please visit the course pages in MEdTech Central for important course-specific information including, but not limited to, assessment schedules and course resources.

Q: What is the Clerkship Travel Program?

A: Starting July 1, 2012, medical students in the final two years of their program may receive up to $1,500 (taxes included) in travel and accommodation expense reimbursement for one rotation per academic year in an Academic Health Science Centre in Ontario that is 100 kilometers or further from the clerk’s home medical school. This program applies retroactively to travel and accommodation expenses that were incurred since April 1, 2011.

The goal of the Clerkship Travel Program is to:

    • Improve distribution of physicians across Ontario by allowing exposure to a variety of practice settings;
    • Enhance the mix of specialties by allowing clinical clerks to explore career choices outside of their local area;
    • Continue to promote Ontario as a preferred location for postgraduate education.

The Clerkship Travel Program (CTP) was negotiated in the Physician Services Agreement, is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) and administered by HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency (HFO MRA).