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Black Medical Students at Queen's University

QuARMS: Queen’s Accelerated Route to Medical School

QuARMS is a unique program allowing graduating high school students to apply to Queen's Medical School after only two years of undergraduate study at Queen's without taking the MCAT. This pathway is the only one of its kind in Canada. Open exclusively to Black-identified and Indigenous students.

Queen's School of Medicine Floor Crest

Black Medical Students Mentorship Program

Please contact Dr. Oyedeji Ayonrinde to learn more and join our mentorship program for Black medical students at Queen’s.


Admissions award for Black medical students

Admissions Award for Black Medical Students

Established in 2019, the Medicine Admission Award for Black Canadians is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and academic achievement to Black Canadian students entering first year in the School of Medicine. To be considered for the award, please complete and submit the School of Medicine Admission Bursary Application.


In 1918, a motion to ban students of African descent from the School of Medicine was adopted. Although Black students were admitted to the school starting in 1965, we learned in 2018 of the continued existence of the motion. The motion was revoked at the October 30 2018 Senate meeting.

Subsequent to the repeal of the 1918 motion, the School of Medicine formed the Commission on Black Medical Students (CBMS) to define additional steps in acknowledging this difficult chapter in Queen’s history. On April 16 2018, Queen’s University made a public apology for the 1918 ban at Senate.

Principal Daniel Woolf and Dean Richard Reznick sign an official letter of apology regarding the 1918 motion at the April 16 Senate meeting.

  • Personal letters of apology to family members of individuals who were impacted by the ban (implemented)
  • Curricular changes with respect to inclusivity and diversity (implemented September 2019)
  • Exhibit in the School of Medicine atrium (postponed due to COVID-19)
  • Symposium on Black medical students at Queen’s in 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19)
  • Communications that tell the stories of Black medical students, alumni and faculty members
  • Admissions award for Black medical students (implemented September 2019)
  • Mentorship program for Black students (implemented March 2019)
  • Installation of a plinth to acknowledge and remember the Black students who were unjustly expelled or denied admittance between 1918 and 1968 (postponed due to COVID-19)