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Diversity Panel & Groups

Diversity Panel

Diversity Groups

Altitude: Healthcare Mentoring

“Altitude is a program aimed at introducing medical students to the mentorship role and empowering first-year university students to pursue and reach their goals. Medical students will have the opportunity to act as mentors to first-year university students who come from backgrounds and regions that are traditionally underrepresented in Canada’s healthcare workforce.”

Aboriginal Health Interest Group (AHIG)    

“We are the Queen's Aboriginal Health Interest Group, for medical students who are interested in broadening their understanding of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis history, culture, and contemporary health topics. We meet every other week for informal group discussions, speakers, documentaries, and more. You can join us every session, or just drop in and check us out if there's a particular topic you're interested in - and we welcome suggestions of new topics to explore.”


“Medexplore is a program run out of the Global Health Office at Queen’s University that seeks to provide opportunities for skill development, networking, and career exposure,  to under-represented populations in health care professions so they can make informed educational and career decisions.

Medexplore targets a population of students who have not yet reached their full potential. Barriers they face include fewer opportunities of exposure and supports that can help them do so.

Numerous studies have shown that students from these backgrounds would be more likely to service the areas of health care currently experiences shortage in areas of need, such as primary care. These students already possess the cultural understanding that will allow quality patient-centered care to be continued to be delivered in these communities and are an asset to the Canadian health care system.”