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SP & OSCE Program Expansion

sp & osce program expansion queen's university kingston ontario

Standardized Participants making waves in training & education

On Monday March 26th, the Standardized Participant & OSCE Program at Queen's University opened its doors to welcome members of the wider university and Kingston community to come and learn about the program and how it could benefit their students' learning or the training of their employees. 

The purpose of the open house was to educate those who don't already use or know about the program; on the possibilities of using standardized participants. A standardized participant ​​​​​​(SP) is an actor who is trained to work with professionals to practice and improve their skills in an environment as close to real life as possible. This results in more confident and competent professionals.

At the open house, attendees were given a tour of the facility located in the Clinical Teaching Centre, and had an opportunity to talk with current SPs who have been a part of the program and have seen value in the work that they do. The SPs also had an opportunity to share what excites them about the expansion of the program into new areas. We had one of our clinicians on site who was able to share the impact the use of SPs has on the students and the value it brings to their learning. 

Since the beginning of the program in 1992, the program has been working with the Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Medicine students to improve their communication and clinical skills, allowing them an opportunity to practice their skills in a safe environment, and give them a chance to learn and make mistakes without the risk of making the situation worse. 

The method of using SPs in teaching has been proven to be accurate and useful in preparing students or employees to be more confident in their career situations. Whether they are a doctor, teacher, lawyer, business professional, student, or working in an emergency services position, the use of standardized participants can enhance their learning and training.

The opportunities are limitless when it comes to using standardized participants. Open the door to new educational opportunities.

More information about the program can be found here in this package or by contacting the SP & OSCE Program Team at the contact information below: 

Phone: 613-533-6000 ext 77620